The continued increase in energy consumption has an increasing negative impact on our environment; energy conservation is more important today than ever before. Our natural resources are being depleted by power plants that use oil, coal, and other fossil fuels to produce electricity that we use in our home and different industries. Using eco-friendly products such as energy efficient appliances are great help to reduce the damage we are causing in our planet. Aside from the significant effect to our environment, energy efficient appliances also bring great value in your household. Every usage of electricity from power plants contribute to the excessive carbon dioxide and pollution in the planet apart from reducing your utility bills, I hope you are motivated to help conserve energy and protect our environment. Article Tags: Using Energy Efficient, Energy Efficient Appliances, Using Energy, Energy Efficient, Efficient Appliances, Natural Resources, Power Plants, Fossil Fuels, Lower Energy Source: Free Articles from Isabella Whitmore is environmentally conscious and likes to share information on how to reduce energy consumption to help protect the environment. She writes for an appliance website that offers energy efficient electric kettles.