Wind energy is becoming increasingly popular as our society needs alternative energy sources. You may be surprised to know that wind energy has been used for centuries. So how exactly does wind power work? Wind is amongst the neatest renewable energy resources accessible to us. Most people are not aware about the fact that wind energy is the fastest prospering energy sector. As you know, wind is an indirect adaptation of solar power. Various surfaces on the Earth respond distinctly to being hit by sunrays, mainly with context to the heat. As sunrays heat up the lands, they get heated up at variable rates. The air surrounding the lands also heat up at distinct rates, enabling the wind process. Temperature above the sea or lake would always be cooler than temperatures over lands. When the air heats up, it rises and the cooler air takes its place. Whenever this happens, the air fills up the void with a rush which generates an amazingly cheap and clean energy source. The main advantage of wind energy is that it is a natural event which makes it an amazing energy source. Take a look at these wind power fun facts: 1. Wind is a renewable energy source as it will remain as long as there is sun. 2. For centuries, wind has been utilized by human beings as an energy source. 3. The initial windmills were utilized to move wheels to mince grain in Iran. 4. The American colonists utilized windmills to slash wood, crush grain and move water. 5. In the 1920s, wind energy exploited by windmills was a major source of energy in rural areas of America. 6. These days, California is the major consumer of wind power and generates double the amount of electricity as any other state. 7. The modern windmills are offered in two models: horizontal and vertical. 8. Horizontal windmills are the conventional edition which comes to your mind whenever it is mentioned. 9. Vertical mills give you an impression of inverted egg beaters, but are fascinating when they rotate. 10. Most energy generated by wind is operated by private enterprises and auctioned to utilities through an electric grid hookup. 11. An enormous 17 billion kilowatts of power is produced by wind every year, more than enough to offer all the electrical requirements for the city of Chicago. 12. Over 30 states have wind farms producing and delivering electricity to utility firms. 13. Texas, Iowa, Minnesota, Wyoming and California are the major giants in generating energy from wind. 14. The greatest energy generator from wind is Germany, which also plays a main role in solar power generation. Many will be astonished with these wind power fun facts. The fact that there is adequate power generated by wind energy to manage a city the size of Chicago is outstandingly noteworthy. As we head towards a greener world, new technology is moving in the course of producing wind energy platforms for private homes and businesses. To learn how you can produce your own wind energy check out wind power fun facts. Article Tags: Wind Power, Wind Energy, Energy Source Source: Free Articles from