What fills your car? Petrol. What fills your fax machine? Paper. Who fills the third planet from the sun? We do, meaning us!Your probably ... what im going on about aren’t you? I’ve got a questi What fills your car? Petrol. What fills your fax machine? Paper. Who fills the third planet from the sun? We do, meaning us!Your probably wondering what im going on about aren’t you? I’ve got a question I want to ask you. What would you do to protect something that looks after you? If you were lying in a hospital bed, and a machine was keeping you alive, you’d want to look after it, wouldn’t you? Cause it keeps you alive. What would you say about this planet? It is keeping you alive, so why aren’t you trying to protect it?There are simple ways to do it. Fair enough, using public transport, or recycling paper. But is your business doing it enough. Does every bit of paper that is used and thrown away recycled? There are lots of Charities, trying to make a difference to our world. They want to see oceans cleaner, plants greener, and animals happier. Scientists come up with mathematical equations stating, we need to stop pollution otherwise our atmosphere will be destroyed.Think about it, take a large water bomb, filled with water, stick needles into it, draw out the water, its mass will diminish. Then when it’s all gone it will be useless. This will be the same as earth. What’s worse, having more pollution blasted out from machines, our atmosphere will become weaker. Our o-zone layer shields us from the hot radiation that waits to vaporise earth. Once the o-zone layer is broken, it’s almost impossible to re-pair, once those rays penetrate our world, things will get worse. Water will vaporise, leaving us with no water, plants will die and animals, then us!What is going through your mind right now? Do you feel enough urgency to start having a new look on life or are you just going to sit back and forget. It took one women/man to sail around the world, so millions of people taking notice of there environment can stop horrible changes from happening.Start using energy saving light bulbs. Switch energy suppliers. There are companies that use natural power, such as wind to power houses across the UK, such as Ecotricity. Be sensible on how you use your car, conserve water.Everyone has read articles on protecting the environment, one thing which we have to think about is our natural resources. One day we’ll zap all our oil from the planet and oil is formulated into petrol. One day you may have an accident in your home, you call the ambulance, you’re injured that you need someone to come get you. Wait, what would happen then?, because the ambulance would need petrol, therefore can’t come get you, you may die! You might say we could use solar power, then what happened if you had it in the night, you might say use a battery that gets charged and saves power. But as your thinking of this, aren’t you wondering why you’re thinking this way? Well it’s because you know that it would come to the point where we would have to use solar power to power our vehicles.If we keep on drilling and sucking out the minerals from the earth, we’ll have nothing left to survive on, if we pollute the air, the o-zone will crack and disappear and we will slowly die. It takes simple steps in our everyday life that can start making an impact on helping this planet to stay alive.We need blood in our bodies to stay alive, if we loose a lot of blood we die. It’s the same with our planet, I keep saying our planet, cause it’s not my planet or your planet, its everyone’s planet, and everyone’s responsibility. So if the planet looses all of its minerals and oils it will die.Enquiring at local charities like friends of the earth or Greenpeace, ask them what you can do, ask for leaflets on how you can change your electricity bill. Enquire about energy tips and how to make a difference in your own home, all of which is free. Spend some time, showing your children what they can do, get them into routine the same as you. This problem of global warming wont get into peoples minds until it happens to them. But its happening already. Ice-caps will be melting causing flooding, destroying homes and livelihood. Killing people along the way. One day it could be on your doorstep and by not doing anything it could happen to you. Imagine the radiation from the sun, if the ozone layer disappeared. Increases in skin cancer. You could get it, and then you’d be thinking that I should have done something to help.There is going to be a point where were not going back at all, it will get to the stage that the o-zone layer will break and disappear and we wont be able to fix it. It’s a horrible thought but we need to get of our backsides and do something. “A tree a day – creates more our way”.Listen to the words of the wise. If you were planning on a holiday in 3 months. And you wanted a really great holiday, you’d start saving now! So the more you save now, the more of a great holiday you’ll have. But if you left it to the last minute to save money you’d have a very bad holiday, not being able to do anything at all. The same with this planet. Starting now, we’ll have more of a chance at saving the planet, than just forgetting about it.Some have the ideal that they live each day as is comes, fair enough, but the planet doesn’t. Its trying to look after itself. Its alive, it grows trees, provides water and minerals for all of us to live. We know the words “Don’t bite the hand that feeds us” so why are we taking big chunks out of the hand? A planet that so eagerly gave us life, is being killed by its creations. So if volcanoes erupt and destroy towns, or water fills homes, or carbon dioxide bleaches the air, we cant blame the planet, because we’ve done it and made it happen.Show some respect and don’t drop litter. Bins are made, so you can put rubbish in them, right? How would you like someone to come just drop all there rubbish in your bedroom? It would be smelly and messy. Believe when I say, you can make a difference. Yeah yeah you say. To climb a wall, you have to start from the bottom. Our technologies are ever growing, but we’ve got to be careful, one day all what I have said, will happen, then what will you as a single person do? You on your own cannot fix the world in one day, it’s a combined effort. I know I’m trying, so must you!! Source: Free Articles from ArticlesFactory.com