We already know that push reel mowers cost less and are much easier to maintain. Another advantage of these manual devices is to do with the environment. This article discusses why reel mowers are the best for our planet. We have to live with the fact that most people will continue to prefer power lawn mowers because they significantly cut down on the physical effort required for mowing the yard. That being said, there is a surge in demand for the old fashioned reel mowers that depend solely on manual pushing force to function. There are many reasons behind the revival of the rustic style of grass cutting and all of them are justified. Yet, one reason is of special importance for those who care about the future of our planet. In addition to its economic and health-related benefits, a traditional reel grass cutter will also serve to make our world more livable. To understand the environmental benefits of using reel lawn mowers, we should discuss the scope of carbon emission that comes fron power lawn mowers. Based on the annual number of sales and average life span of a gas lawn mower, we can estimate that upto 60 million gas units are being operated within USA. Lawn mowers have some of the most inefficient engines in the world. A typical unit running for an hour will emit the same amount of hazardous gases as forty new cars driven for the same time interval. The result is 800 million gallons of fuel burned for mowing our lawns every year. The emission makes up 5 percent of all carbon emissions in USA. We should not forget that since USA is one of the top contributors to global carbon emission, the pollution created by lawn mowers is large enough to harm the whole planet. In the light of the increasing public awareness about the above mentioned source of pollution, electric lawn mower manufacturers stress that their products do not emit any harmful gases. This is a correct proposition to some extent. Electric motrs are much more efficient compared to petrol engines. They do not waste energy by producing excessive amounts of heat, hot smoke and noise and can complete the grass trimming task with much less energy. However, part of their source of energy can be traced back to fossil fuels. Indeed, two thirds of US electricity generation is based on fossil fuels according to U.S. Energy Information Administration. That means although corded electric and battery units will not per se create smoke, they indirectly contribute to the use of fossil fuels. In short, reel lawn mower is the only type of grass trimmer that does zero damage to the environment. If the size of your lawn and your fitness level are suitable for operating a manual unit, changing to a reel mower will contribute to the global efforts to protect the atmosphere. I should mention that push mowers are also much cheaper to buy, operate and maintain. Article Tags: Reel Lawn Mowers, Reel Lawn, Lawn Mowers, Lawn Mower, Fossil Fuels Source: Free Articles from ArticlesFactory.com