As the demand for power grows drastically everyday, only conventional fuels are not enough. The best alternative to fulfil this need is to leverage solar power. It's a 100% pollution-free and eco-friendly energy which is very easy to produce without causing any damage to the environment. If you are not leveraging this natural source till yet, don't worry. In this article, we will tell you the best ways to get the most economical panels for your residential and commercial property. If you are reading this article from Australia, don't forget to check out AYKA Technologies, one of the leading solar panels company in Australia.    How to get the best and cheapest solar panels:   1- Visit installer: The best way to get the best and cheapest panels is to buy from the installer. As per your need, they will suggest you the best fit for your requirement. As compared to the normal market, you will save a significant amount from the installer and owner operated business. Explore a wide range of installations from the largest solar power company in Australia, AYKA Technologies. Our team will help you with choosing the right setup, so you get the best value for your money.   2- Leverage solar panel finance options: It's very easy to apply for a solar financing loan at a very affordable rate of interest. Once approved, you can install the panels very comfortably and enjoy numerous benefits of natural source of energy and get rid of your high electricity bills.   3- Know about different types of systems: There are multiple types of solar panel installations available in the market. The price varies depending on its capacity, type, technology used, inverter in the setup including string inverters, battery inverters and many others. At AYKA, our team explains you each and everything necessary for you to know. By selecting the right model, along with the best solar financing options, you can save a lot of money.   4- Efficiency and warranty: One of the best ways to save more money on these renewable power sources is to check their efficiency and manufacturer warranty. Greater the efficiency and longer the warranty, higher the money you will save. But one thing you need to make sure is that you only purchase it from a trusted supplier with proper warranty documentation and certificates.   So, when you are going to install this natural electricity generator at your place? The government is helping too with its rebates! Without any doubt, it's a win-win situation. You will not only save money but also protect our environment from pollution. It's a wise decision to go green and make our environment clean. Check out AYKA solar power installation services; we are one of the largest and growing solar panels company in Sydney catering to your every need. Source: Free Articles from Veronica Roy is a Researcher and Consultant for Renewable Energy. Her area of interest are solar energy and various solar products. She is a very well known author at the same time and loves to write articles and journals on Sustainable Energy, Solar Systm, Solar Panels, Solar Power to help Her Readers with useful information. To get more valuable information about Solar Technology specially Residential and Commercial Solar Panel Installation Process in Sydney, Solar System and its various benefits and utilities in modern civilization, please follow Veronica regularly.