As everything begins shutting down due to coronavirus, more and more people are facing a new reality: working from home. For many, this term is totally new and there are a lot of questions started popping into our minds like, where do I plug my computer? Should I dress up formally? We have talked to those who have been working from home for years and get their advice on creating a workspace that is inspiring and stress-reducing. Designate a space Selecting a workspace depends on the type of business you are operating. If you have a family and you are working at home you might consider the following options. Try to choose a separate room for your business so that you can close the door to keep family and friends out. Pick a room that is far away from other distractions like kitchen, laundry room, and other noises. Select a space that is large enough for your business setup. If clients will be coming into your home, select a space that’s close to an outside door. Things you need while working from home A good laptop or PC The first thing you need is a good laptop to work on. Its price is $1,299 and it is one of the best powerful and reliable laptops. Its price is $680. It is the fastest with the core i5 10th-gen Intel processor. Its price is affordable, screen, and battery life is also good. Great desks Its price is $568. It moves up and down and holds up to 275 pounds so you can manage multiple monitors on the desk. It is highly customizable and adds a keyboard tray, monitor arm, power strips, and more. This is our favorite standing desk. You can adjust its height by using the motor and it also has four height presets. There are also a lot of ways to customize it according to your choice. Relaxing chair No workspace is complete without a relaxing chair. Here are some best work chairs. Its price is $230. It has neck support if you need it and the mesh holds up. Its price is $130. It comes in a variety of colors, very comfortable, and often dips below $100 Internet connection A good internet connection is necessary when you are working. You need the internet for uploading, downloading, chatting, calling, and a lot more. There are a lot of internet service providers, offering a lot of packages and speeds. You can have one of your requirements. If you are not satisfied with the speed of your internet you can check it by using our tool of internet speed check. These are the essential tools for working from home. There are a lot of other things you need like a printer/scanner, USB, good light, and a lot more. Make sure to choose a space that has good light, if the light is not. enough you can also buy a desktop light of your choice. Source: Free Articles from I am a professional Tech writer.