Not many people know what a gabion basket or wall is, but they might have seen it before. This is really a beautiful structure where you are making use of large rocks to build a wall. But, you aren’t using a cement to keep the wall together. You are making use of a structure made from wire. Gabion cages is a type of wall that is getting quite popular these days. There are many reasons why people are making use of these walls. Some just like the way it is structured without the cement and formal building. This is everything you need to know about the gabion basket, wall and fence before you can consider building one yourself. What are gabion baskets, walls, and fences If you don’t know what gabion baskets, walls, and fences are, don’t worry. This is those walls and fences, where it is kept in place with strong wire or a wire structure. It isn’t just a normal wall that is made from stone and rock. Similar to sediment control barriers, gabions are a great way to make a modern wall or structure in your garden and for your landscaping. This is one of the most popular reasons why this wall and fences are getting used for. Different stones that can be used The great thing about the gabion wall and fence is that you can make use of different stones. There isn’t a rule that says that you should make use of just one type of stone. The only thing that you do need to remember is that it should be large stones mixed with the same type of smaller stones.  The type of stone that you are going to use will depend on the type of garden you have, or what will look best with your home. You can use cheaper stones, or making it an expensive wall, by making use of the most expensive stones. These are some of the stones that you can use. The more creative the type of stone that you are adding to the wall, the more beautiful it is going to look. Uses for these walls and fences Most people are making use of the gabion basket or wall is for landscaping. When used in conjunction with jute and coir matting (including those supplied throughout the Melbourne area), gabions can make a certain area decorative and beautiful, while offering the protective qualities of an ordinary stone wall as well. This is a modern way of creating a wall of the structure in your garden for adding something beautiful. However, there are many that are making use of this type of wall for erosion prevention as well. These walls are letting water running through, but it prevents soil from getting through. Prevent erosion from occurring. And, this type of erosion prevention is making the environment beautiful as well. Is this something that you can build yourself? In a way, you can build it yourself. If you know how to build the structure and how to lay the stones inside the structure for a perfect build wall. Some people are able to do this themselves. However, this isn’t really recommended. A builder or landscaper should build this type of structure for a strong, durable and perfectly build Gabion Baskets. You might have seen it before. A wall, that is held by a wire structure. It looks like the stone was thrown into the wire structure without cement. This is exactly what it is. The gabion baskets or wall is known for creating a landscaping area that is more beautiful than just a normal brick wall. And, it is durable and will prevent erosion as well. Making this a really useful wall to have in your garden. Source: Free Articles from Nancy Whitman is a contributor to leading erosion and sediment control solutions provider, Advanced Environmental Services.