Erosion is a serious problem that is just becoming more and more prevalent and problematic as time goes by. And, it is important to make sure that you know how to control and prevent erosion from happening or from getting worse. The good news is that there are a large number of ways on how you can control and prevent erosion. You can choose the one that will be best for you and the land you are living on. These are the different ways on how you can prevent and control erosion from getting worse. Doing your part for the environment. Sediment Control Fencing Sediment control fences (also known as silt barriers), are used on slopes to slow down the water flow downhill. This will prevent or slow down the erosion. This is a great way to prevent soil from running down with the water from a slope. However, this is the only place where you can use this method. And, you need to make sure that you know exactly how to install the silt fences in order for it to work properly. There are many people that have tried this and installed it incorrectly. Then, the barriers and baffles are just running down with the water. Making more of a mess than preventing erosion. Gabion baskets Not only is creating a gabion basket a great idea for erosion prevention, but this can make a slope really beautiful. Gabion baskets and rock mattresses is a step that you basically create on the slope. And on these steps, you are creating a place where you can plant some plants in. The plants and the steps will make sure to stop soil from running down when it is raining and water runs down the slope. The plants will get the water it needs, but the soil will stay in place. Making this a great option for erosion, and it will look beautiful with the plants on the hill. The only problem is that this is something that also just can be used on a slope. It won’t work anywhere else. And, it might take some time and money to build a strong and durable gabion structure. Vegetation Tube-stock planting of the best ways to prevent and to control erosion. To plant plants that have deep and solid roots. This will ensure that the soil is staying in place while the water is getting absorbed by the roots of the plant. This will work if you are creating a wall of plants. Meaning it should be close to one another, in order for this to work. And, it only works with solid plants that have deep roots and that can stand through heavy rains and storms. Trees and tube-stock are the most preferable plant to plant for erosion control. Grass If you can’t do any of the other mentioned ways to prevent and to control erosion, then we still have an option. An easy, cheap option that everyone can do at home. To just plant grass. A field of grass will prevent soil from running with the flowing water. This will ensure that no soil will be disturb during heavy rainstorms. Making this one of the best ways of erosion. This can be done anywhere and will be effective at the moment that the grass starts to grow. The best part is that this is really cheap to plant grass as well. These are the different ways of how we can control and prevent erosion from happening. Some of these ways are easy and practical to do. While others might be a bit harder and more expensive. But the good news is that you can choose any of these ways, and you will be able to control erosion and do your part for the environment. Concrete Canvas Concrete Canvas, also known as Geosynthetic Cementitious Composite Matting (GCCS), comprises a three dimensional fibrous matrix that contains a purpose built, concrete mixture. A polyvinyl chloride surface on one side of canvas guarantees total protection from water and other fluids, upon installation. From here, the concrete canvas is then submersed in water or sprayed in either salt or fresh water. Once set, the fibrous concrete covering helps to protect concrete from premature cracking. Article Tags: Soil From Running, Control Erosion, Soil From, From Running, Running Down, Concrete Canvas Source: Free Articles from Nancy Whitman is a contributor to leading erosion and sediment control solutions provider, Adanced Environmental Services.