Property owners in Devonport looking for ways to save money on energy should consider migrating over to solar power. With the rising demand on non-renewable energy sources like oil, prices can only go up. It just makes good sense to switch over to a more cost-effective solar solution without having to sacrifice on the quality of your life.  Cost of Solar Implementation has Dropped Considerably In the past, only commercial buildings could afford the implementation and cost-savings offered by solar power but that is no longer the case for residents of Devonport. There are affordable residential solar Devonport options available to consumers thanks to the TEELS program. The TEELS scheme gives residential property owners the ability to borrow money from the government interest free for the purpose of installing an approved solar power system. Thanks to this scheme, just about every property owner out there will be able to enjoy the benefits of having a solar system. Solar Hot Water One of the greatest features of solar power is the virtually limitless amount of hot water you can have. It takes a considerable amount of energy to warm water and is one of the biggest variables that drive up your energy costs. When you install a solar power water heating system, your cost of hot water will drop to virtually nothing overnight. With this abundant supply of hot water, you will be able to stay in the shower as long as you like! Virtually Limitless Supply of Heat/Electricity for Your Home The solar Devonport company conducting the energy audit of your property will be able to identify the solar system that will meet your home heating and electricity needs. We touched on how you could have a virtually endless supply of hot water; that is only part of the equation. Solar technology has advanced to the stage now where you can harness the technology to heat your home during the colder months of the year. There are multiple ways that this can be achieved but one of the most common is using the energy from the sun and converting it into electricity. This electricity is then used to power a heat-pump which would provide all of the warmth your home could possibly need. Along with meeting the heating needs of your home, this technology will also give you an abundant supply of electricity to power all of the devices of your home. What is truly amazing is you can use all of your appliances, turn on the heat and take a hot shower without doing any damage to the environment! Top all of these features off with saving money and you have an opportunity of a lifetime. In order to enjoy the money saving benefits of residential solar in Devonport, you need to have a reputable solar Devonport expert assess your property and determine the best system to meet your energy needs. Once the needs have been established you can take advantage of the TEELS scheme to make the switch a very affordable one. The sooner you begin transitioning over to solar power the more money you can save, so it would be wise to start reviewing your options now. Source: Free Articles from Find what you need with Residential solar Devonport.